Southeast Mortgage’s #GoGooRu Campaign


the situation

millennials and home ownership

Southeast Mortgage has been in business for 25 years and was built from the ground up in Atlanta, Georgia. They since have grown to 19 locations and counting throughout the South East and their mission is to give consumers a choice between Banks and Brokers with great service and the competent advice that clients deserve. To expand their clientele Southeast Mortgage had a goal reach more millennials and gain 100 mortgage loan pre approval applications in the month of June 2019. The problem? Millennials aren’t interested in home ownership. Several long-term macroeconomic trends have made homeownership a difficult goal for millennials to attain. Much of the generation came of age during or in the aftermath of the Great Recession, resulting in limited opportunities and stagnant wage growth in the crucial early stages of millennials’ careers. 

the solution

Financial literacy and the influencer

The 30-day #GoGooRu campaign broke down high level information around the process of home ownership in an easy and approachable way for millennials to engage and learn. The campaign consistent of a combination of experiential events and financial literacy workshops, guerrilla marketing in key Atlanta neighborhoods, merchandise and monetary giveaways, multi-media content across social media and activating over 30 local influencers and celebrities. We created a dedicated landing page for the main event and directed all social traffic to the landing page to generate leads and collect email addresses. The solution was to bring the conversation directly to the millennial who is not only interested in future home ownership but inspired to take their financial future into their own hands. 

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The Success

100 applications and life changing knowledge

The campaign was a major success and the streets of Atlanta now recognize Southeast Mortgage and their team of loan officers and realtors as the go to place for homeownership assistance. We generated over 100 applications for mortgage loan pre approvals and connected the Southeast Mortgage team with eager and excited millennials for future relationships. We activated over 30 local influencers with a combined social reach of 2.1M, tracked over 100 posts across social media and collected about 600 email address over 30-days. The main goal of receiving 100 mortgage loan pre approval applications was met 3 days before the main event.