5 ways to make IG your new business card


I passed out two business cards at the last networking event I attended in LA. I also swapped IG names with six people. I've realized I'm way more likely to stay in touch with and connect with those creatives I now follow on Instagram. I can see the work they're doing and events they're hosting as soon as they post them. Business cards just don't give you instant updates of someone's activities. I promise I can look at your IG and make a better business judgment about your products and services than I can from your business card these days. Times have changed folks. Social media is not a game, it's a business and an art. If you're not hip, I hope I can help. 😝


I don't post many selfies and I don't really monitor the number of likes I get, but I really do "luh the gram." I can get sidetracked SO easily, as I'm sure you do too. My favorite thing to do on Instagram is look for artists. If you're an artist of any kind, Instagram should be your best business friend, BBF.  If you create ANYthing; clothes, words of poetry, photos, videos, paintings, drawings... anything, IG is where you need to be! There is SO much potential for marketing yourself on Instagram, but here are


The "Contact" button

First and foremost, thank the IG saints for the contact button. πŸ™πŸΎ Straight to business, no DM's necessary now that we have the contact button. If you're selling anything or even offering services that require consultations, switch your IG account to the business profile so people can contact you directly via email.

Visual Story Telling

I audit my IG on a regular basis. Tap that profile icon in the bottom right and take a look at the visual story your profile is communicating to people who follow you. Is your work showcased? Is there a good balance between personal and business? Can people tell what you do? If you want to inspire people, are your captions thought provoking? Do you post quotes? Are your quotes branded? Can people tell where in the world you are? What's your story?

Location Tags

Really though, can people tell where you are? Not your home address or frequently visited locations πŸ‘€  but what city in what state are you located. If you travel a lot, that's super cool! Use the location tags so people know you're on the move. If you're a photographer, try using more location-based hashtags under your posts so people can find you when they search the hashtag.

People Tags

If your connections are heavy you better let the gram know. Tagging your dope friends on Instagram instantly gives people an insight into your network. As you know, "your network is your net worth."

Bio & Website URL

The bio section of IG is super crucial. Space is limited and creativity really stands out. You only have so many characters here and this is the space that defines all those pretty photos underneath. It defines you, and I know us millennials hate being defined, but it is what it is. Choose your words (and emojis 😏) wisely.

Here are a few screenshots of IG's that I think are flawlessly curated. Let me know your thoughts!

DigitalTyeal Howell