7,000 feet later

In 2012, Table Mountain was officially inaugurated as one of the seven geographical wonders of the world.

Since the day I arrived in this city I've been in awe of the mountain that overlooks it all. It's gorgeous. I wonder if the locals realize the beauty that surrounds them every day because it's easy to take advantage of something you've always had. I've gotten a deeper understanding of that statement since I've been here as well.



I wrote this a couple years ago.

I think it still has some philosophical meaning to it. When I was living in Cape Town, South Africa for 2 months I thought about if anyone took the mountains for granted, every time I looked up into the sky.

Being so connected and close to the natural beauties in Cape Town made me feel so grounded and protected. That's why I LOVE hiking in Los Angeles. My friend and I go every weekend, it's amazing.

Anyways, the main point of this blog post is to reminiscence on the mountains of Cape Town, South Africa. I also wanted to remind you not to take advantage of the mountains in your life, you don't know what they could be protecting you from.

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