Why I'm not afraid to die

If you're not afraid to die, you won't be afraid to live.

When I first heard that quote it hit me really hard. I've always took pride in not being afraid of anything, but death though? That just sounds so abrupt. The end. It's over.

However, if death will inevitably happen to us all then what do we have to be afraid of?

In knowingness it makes sense; living without fear is the ultimate level of freedom.

My definition of living is creating, as I believe I was created in the image of an artist. Creating is a part of what makes me come alive, whether that's writing, drawing, or even editing a photo. It's creative and a creation made by me to fulfill life.


So I'm not afraid to die and I'm not concerned with the final destination of life because I believe it is already taken care of. I didn't know I'd be where I am today, living out my dreams in Los Angeles, California, but what I did know is that I had nothing to be afraid of. My dreams will become my reality, my art will give me life, and my goals are attainable.

So I am not afraid to die. I'm ready to live every single day of my life with the most life possible. In 2017, I want every day to push me as forward as possible to my goals.

When I wake up in the morning I want to change my routine. I want to practice notions that will elevate my mood and create the best energy for the start of a productive day. On my commute to work, I want to listen to music that is inspiring and podcasts that discuss things that I ought to know in order to reach my goals. Before I go to sleep I want to read books and articles that will give me more knowledge than how I started the day so that I might end on the same frequency, if not greater, than how I started. On the weekends I want to really take the time to invest in my self care and re-energize myself for the next week to come!

If you can relate to my desires then let's hold each other accountable to manifesting this lifestyle. I want to use my blog as a platform of encouragement for people like me. I want to live for the day and make the moment I am in, truly count. So, what are you afraid of? What is the worst case scenario of your fear? Is the worst case scenario really THAT impossible to live through?

I'm interested to know if this has inspired you or at least made you think about facing your fears. Tweet me, text me, call me, or slide in my DM's... even though, I am kinda over our generation's obsession with social media communication. I genuinely want to know if you found this inspiring, so let me know :)

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