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“If you desire to build courage and confidence in yourself, do something that scares you.” - Me


But don’t forget to breathe through the experience!

While I sat in the JFK International airport I practiced my breathing and thought to myself, “I am seriously going to Africa.” Just four short months earlier this was all a dream. An idea. A thought. And now it is an accomplished goal.

Actually, a thousand thoughts ran through my head. Most centered on the realization that I must be crazy for doing this. South Africa. By myself. For two months. I must be crazy. At this point, the only option I had was to accept my self-diagnosis, stand up, dry my tears, get in the boarding line for flight #204 to Johannesburg, South Africa, and sleep for as long as possible.

When I awoke, I heard a beautiful accent over the intercom announcing the meal choices for dinner. Free food. I was already feeling a little bit better. The food on the airplane was wonderful. I also had access to unlimited Oreos after each meal. Just great.

When I finally got off the plane my vision and my brain were both as blurry as this photo.



Anyways, I made it through the flight, and through the Johannesburg airport onto my connecting flight to Cape Town. Each step I took my confidence in my ability to survive grew a centimeter at a time. I walked through the arrivals area to a man holding a sign with my name and a kind smile to greet me. We were waiting for one more girl, Dominique, who just happened to be on both planes with me and we didn’t even know it.

 "I'm seriously in Africa."

When Dominique and I arrived at our building we went to our separate rooms for a few hours and then met back up for orientation with four other girls who arrived a day before.

We got all of our important documents and then decided to explore the city despite the fact that we were completely incapable of retaining any information. We met up with a couple other girls who just arrived, and set out on our first of many adventures.


After navigating a bit of the neighborhood we got our first meal in Cape Town. At a super fancy restaurant that we will probably never spend our rands ($$) at again :) The food was good though, so no worries!

An assortment of meats and cheeses, bread and something similar to butter, salad, and chicken. And my new friend Paulina from Bolivia got some wine because she's fancy like that.

Cape Town is surrounded by the famous Table Mountain. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever woken up to. It has many different hiking trails and smaller mountains to climb up, like Lion's Head.

My full moon hike up Lion's Head was crazy! Post coming soon!

Stay colorful,


"The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step!" - some random famous quote.

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