Growing pains


New levels, new devils.

Mo money, mo problems.

If you ain't got no haters, you ain't poppin.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Alone time sucks, but I see how good for me it is. I'm a little less insecure because of it. I'm a little more sure of myself because of it. I think I'm a little cooler because of it.

Living thousands of miles away from my little brother sucks. Forgetting to call my grandpa sucks. Not hearing my dad play his guitar in the basement sucks. Surprisingly, not hearing my mom nag me about everything sucks. I stay on the phone a little longer now. I post more selfies on Facebook now. I like Ohio a lot more now.

Eating the same thing for lunch 5 days of the week sucks. It feels good to have food though. I spend more time on Pinterest in the recipe boards now. Boys that can cook are a hell of a lot more appealing now. (Should have retained more from that high school relationship)

Walking 2 miles home after a shitty Monday sucks. Walking 2 miles home after work 5 days a week sucks. My pants fit a lot better now. They're actually a tad bit loose now. I'm gonna start doing lunges more. Hopefully I can look in the mirror and tell my girls my butt is getting bigger soon.

Crying sucks.

I just call these moments growing pains now. I know I'll have a brighter day tomorrow. In 2 weeks I'll forget about this shitty Monday.

I'll be better because of it.

Tyeal Howell