Identifying Tyeal

Going new places and meeting new people teaches you a lot of things. Some lessons are more magical and harder to describe than others. 

I'm learning who I am in a deep and philosophical sense, but also in a real small detailed kinda way. Like, I now know that I perfer to pick up my luggage at the baggage claim area of LAX only when I'm listening to Touch My Body by Mariah Carey. I know that I get really nerdy inside of bookstores in Brooklyn and could talk to the people who work there for hours. I know that when Tyeal comes up with an idea that seems a little challenging to accomplish, she challenges herself to see how fast and efficient she can get it done. I've learned that I have this weird obsession with cleaning up any public space that I eat in, even at Del Taco, epesically when all the other tables are dirty... I like, wipe down the whole table and seat and throw all the trash away. I really like finding up and coming music artists on Twitter and tweeting them when I listen to their music. I'm able scroll on Instgram for 5 hours continuously. I own more shoes right now than I've ever owned in my young adult life. And I own 4 times that many notebooks and books. I know that I think Downtown LA is really cool. So is Venice Beach. I know that learning more about my natural hair makes me happy. I really really know that braiding my hair at night really makes me happy for at least 3 days in a row. My last braid out was bomb.



The isolation I've experienced in Los Angeles has taught me a lot about myself and it's pretty cool to learn more about who you are. 

Pay attention to what makes you smile today. Pay attention to who you are. I hope you learn something new 😘


Tyeal Howell