Photo Blog | What confidence feels like

Confidence feels like the first smell of free, GOOD coffee on a calm and peaceful Friday morning... or late afternoon because you don't work Fridays and the bills are paid.

It feels like the absence of self-doubt in social settings.

Confidence feels like an adrenaline rush right after waking up in the morning realizing you're excited to be you today. You're excited to express yourself today. You're excited to try something new today. You're excited to meet someone new today. You're excited to be YOU today.

Confidence feels like I woke up like this but I know my brows are on point because of this new brow liner I just copped. Confidence feels like a wash and go with no care in the world of what other, non-wash and goers think of it. Confidence feels like shorts that are too big because you've lost weight since last summer but don't care to go buy new ones because... hello... you've lost weight since last summer and it feels good to know that. Confidence feels like looking in the mirror and seeing beyond your reflection and smiling because your heart and soul feel beautiful today.

Confidence feels good.

I think confidence looks like this:

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