Post New Year Reflections

My main goal for 2016 is to be more transparent.

In a self-loving, self-caring, healthy, balanced, and stronger way.

I'm going to be transparent with my actions, doing EXACTLY what feels better to my heart. I'm going to focus on how I "think before I speak." - just my Dad used to tell me to.

The majority of the transition exists in the space of my thoughts.

I going to choose to think positively, optimistically, realistically and strategically; before I speak, act, walk, eat and everything.

The Real Tyeal Nichole

This year is a huge year of transition in many ways. Soon, I will be graduating from college and as exciting as that sounds, the reality is nerve-racking. College has been my world. My life. For the past four years, I have created an entire universe out of my college experience.

I am so excited to celebrate all my hard work, but I am also aware of the transitions that are about to take place. My friends and I will soon have a bit of distance from each other and the place I've called home will soon be a memory.

So the goal at this moment is to appreciate the moment while simultaneously preparing for the next. I'm so ready for this.

I'm thinking of starting a video blog to visually document some of my transitions and to continue building my personal brand. I'm also continuing to brainstorm podcast ideas with my best friend and write about life here!

There are many exciting things happening and I'm blessed and grateful for them all.

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