You've Got A Friend In Me

Life is good.

I have approximately 6 months before the college phase of my life comes to an end. I know grad school may appear somewhere down the line but my Undergraduate college career will be coming to an end shortly. Although it is bittersweet, there are way too many awesome memories to reflect on before the waterfalls break loose.

The transformations among my friends and I have been endless. My freshman roommate and her boyfriend are expecting a baby boy next month. A whole new life is growing inside of her! So exciting.

I love my friends and the way they have impacted and supported my college experience. It's amazing to watch them grow into women and mature in all ways.

I will forever hold close to my heart our memories of emotional breakdowns with ice cream and stories that evolved into our newest poems. Late nights in the library when my friends and I would simultaneously distract and motivate each other. Netflix binges, EuroGyro binges, Swenson's trips, thrifting, and simply enjoying the silence of a moment. Never hesitating to admit our mistakes or confusion from life. Always challenging each other to look inside ourselves and to never stray from who we truly are. Spreading love and inspiration with each other on a daily basis.

I hope everyone gets the chance to experience a friend group like mine at some point in their lives.

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