So this is Entrepreneurship. With a capital E.


Entre pre newwwer ship

Obviously the first thing I needed to do as an entrepreneur was have a legitimate photoshoot, right? I mean I wouldn’t be a real entre-influencer if I didn’t. Hope ya like the pics of me being fake busy on my laptop… lol.

Honestly, this new chapter has felt mostly natural for me. My father has been an entrepreneur all his life so skills like time and project management, invoicing and managing client relationships and expectations were all things I was excited to finally do on my own for my own. If you’re new around here you may not know about my recent cross country move from LA to Atlanta after quitting my quote un-quote dream job. More about that dream job here. To be honest, even if you’re not new around here there have been quite a few things happening in my life that I haven’t documented. So, that’s what I’m doing today. I’m going to break it into two parts for easy digestion: the summary + the lesson.

the summary

Black women are leading the entrepreneurship pack in America and starting new businesses at a massive rate.

Yay. Clap. Cheers. Mas tequila por favor.

The down side: we’re not scaling, sustaining, getting funded or lasting as long as our counterparts in business. Why? There are many reasons layered in things like systematic and institutionalized racism, lack mindsets, unhealthy relationships with money, etc. but that’s besides my point. My passion for diving head first into this world of providing marketing strategy and creative solutions for small businesses lies somewhere in the middle of this story. I want to see us win. All of us, tbh, but to quote the great visionary Issa Rae:

“I’m rooting for everybody black.”

So, I quit my 9-5 as a digital marketing manager for one of the leading conferences for *white* female entrepreneurs and took my skills, talents, passions and sparkling personality down to the A. Hotlanta, to be politically correct. Since then, I have fallen in love with one of my best friends, secured a ten thousand dollar contract, met tons of women I’ve been fangirling about on Instagram, cried repeatedly for days *weeks* in a row, slept in until TWO THIRTY IN THE AFTERNOON, asked for a decrease on my line of credit because I’ve lost trust for myself, learned about the ins and outs of homeownership, googled “ate salad in Mexico and feel sick” 5 and a half times, drank more wine in a 3 month time span than I have in my entire life and learned about how to create morning and evening routines that flow with the energy of the moon cycles.

the lesson

Write more of these for my own self reflection and also to remind YOU - the person reading this, that

life. is. fluid.

If you’ve read a few of these blogs/love notes/reflections of mine you’ve most likely heard me gush over a ‘ Ms. Patricia ' - one of my mentors in life. She taught me and frequently reminds me that life is fluid. Meaning it flows like the ocean. My interpretation of this phrase probably changes on a daily basis but here’s my breakdown today.

Bad things happen + good things happen and we gotta keep pushing through it all either way. To grow and evolve as a human being we HAVE to do things we don’t feel like doing. We have to get out of bed sometimes. We have to stop using our credit card and face the fact that the FashionNova purchase was really unnecessary this month. We have to own up to our mistakes when we’ve hurt someone’s feelings. The hardest part for me lately has been feeling old habits, reflexes and doubts arise and trying to avoid them. Avoiding things isn’t the way. We have to face it. Own it. Then make an active decision to do better. Move differently. Seek help, assistance, outside information. Ask for help.

It’s not necessarily a concise lesson, which is why teaching is not exactly my ministry, but I hope you get the point.

If anything I hope this inspires, encourages or motivates you a bit.

And to my family and people close enough to me to be considered family - this is what’s been happening in my world. I love you, I’m grateful for you and your support and encouragement means the world to me.

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